Grabango, cool tech that cuts through the lines!

It’s very rare that I do any “influencer marketing” or promotions on my pages or social media. I have a few products I really love and am very brand loyal. My followers know I love StarKist, Wacom, and a few other companies that make products I use almost daily.

But I am also a tech geek! So when I was given the opportunity to try out Grabango, I jumped at the chance.

It’s only going to take a second for me to explain because really the name says it all.. you grab and go.

I tried it out at a local Get Go here in Pittsburgh.

  1. download the Grabango App and setup your account
  2. go to the store, in this case my local Giant Eagle Get Go
  3. Grab the products you are shopping for as your normally would.
  4. Scan a barcode from the app in a small scanner at the front of the store.
  5. leave.

That’s it! there’s no line, no scanning individual items. No pulling out your wallet for credit card or cash.

I liked it so much I did a maze about it!




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