Joe Wos Assembly Programs, Residencies and Workshops

Joe Wos

Joe is an award-winning internationally syndicated published cartoonist, master maze maker, and performer. He is the host of the WQED TV show, Cartoon Academy and has been the visiting resident cartoonist of the Charles M. Schulz Museum for the past 19 years.


Assemblies: $450 per assembly plus mileage/travel outside of 250 miles from Pittsburgh, PA. (for programs outside of PA/WV/OH, day long or more residencies are recommended.)

Workshops $250 per class. Minimum of two classes.

Book signings can be added to any program at no charge. Books must be ordered in advance.

Joe offers a full day residency rate of $1200 plus travel expenses.

A full day can include any combination of assemblies, workshops and book signings up to 5 in a single day and may be split between multiple schools.

Two or more day residencies are $1000 a day plus expenses. Two or more day residencies can include full days of assemblies, workshops, signings as well as an onsite maze mural creation. Visits may be split between multiple schools in the same district.

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Bring Joe’s unique programs to your school, library, museum or event!

Assembly Programs

Joe combines storytelling and live cartoon illustration for a lively and interactive program for kids. Joe draws the stories as he tells them combining the visual arts with oral storytelling tradition, Joe shares original stories and folktales with a twist. A single performance yields up to 20 illustrations! Assembly programs can accommodate up to 300 students, and can also be presented virtually via Zoom.


For over 30 years Joe has been teaching the art of cartooning. He has been the visiting cartoonist of the Charles M. Schulz Museum in Santa Rosa, CA for the past 19 years. He currently teaches the only credited cartooning program at a high school in North America at Central Catholic High School in Pittsburgh PA. He is also the host of the PBS children’s show “Cartoon Academy” seen on WQED. His workshops teach the basics of cartooning using easy to follow instruction and with an emphasis on character development.

Workshops are geared toward classroom size audiences and are participatory. Classes are available for all ages.

Maze Mural Residency

World record setting maze by Joe Wos

Joe is widely regarded as one of the world’s foremost master maze makers. He is the author of 10 maze books, and his feature MazeToons appears in newspapers worldwide.

The maze mural residency allows Joe to create a custom hand-drawn maze measuring up to 4 feet by 6 feet or more for your school. It can be hand-drawn on a tyvek material or directly onto your school walls! It incorporates fun illustration and can be catered to almost any theme. Creation of maze takes between 4-6 hours depending on size. Larger mazes may take longer.

Student may watch the maze progress throughout the day and ask questions. Residencies pair up great with book signings!

Book Signings

Joe at Mystery Lovers Bookshop

Book signings can be added for free to any program. Students or the school must purchase the books in advance which will be shipped direct to the school. Each student who purchase will receive a book and a sketch from Joe inscribed in the book itself.

Books available include:

Mega Maze Challenge

A-Maze-Ing America

A-Maze-Ing Peanuts

Our A-Maze-Ing National Parks

Other Programs

Joe performs live illustration with symphony orchestras, library programs, festivals and much more. For information on some of Joe’s other unique programs and presentations contact him at