Maze Tips

understandingmazetoonsMazeToons features mazes with cartoon illustrations. The illustrations are integrated as part of the solvable maze.

Here are a few tips to solving MazeToons:

It’s not about wether you can or can’t solve the maze it’s about challenging yourself. How long does it take you to solve the maze?

Follow the maze carefully! Going into a loop make sure you come out the proper path. These mazes are filled with optical illusions.

Reached a dead end? Are you sure? Look closer, sometimes our eyes try to close off lines to complete images logically. Also sometimes we read color transitions as lines. So look closely. If it is not a bold black line then it is not a dead end.

Have fun!

Maze Myths
Myth: Starting from the finish makes it easier.
After decades of hearing it’s easier to start from the finish, I decided to draw half my mazes with that in mind so that they are equally if not more difficult to solve from the opposing direction. So best to just stick with solving the maze the way it was meant to be solved- start to finish (no cheating!)

Myth: Just pick a wall and follow it through the maze. Might work on many mazes but not most MazeToons, the illustrations throw off this method completely.

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