Free Coloring Book!

Enjoy this free downloadable coloring book.

About this book:

Hello, I’m Joe Wos. I love to draw. Over the past few days we have all been home from school and work due to the Coronavirus. I know it can be tough be stuck inside, we miss our friends, and after a while we might even start to miss school and work!

Whenever I am bored I like to draw. So for a few days I was drawing for all my friends live on Facebook. Everyone just typed their favorite animals and I drew them!

It was a LOT of drawings! Over 300! The drawings were just piling up here in my studio so I decided to take a few of my favorites and put them into this coloring book.

I hope you like it and I’d love to see the pictures you color!

You can send them to me on social media: Twitter: @mazetoons
Facebook: @mazetoons

Every weekday I am doing free live cartooning classes, I hope you will join me!

This book is free.
But there are some ways grown-ups can help support my work:

1. Follow me on social media.
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3. Ask your local newspaper to carry MazeToons from Creators Syndicate. 4. Visit my website
5. Subscribe to my YouTube channel
6. Send a few bucks my way, any amount helps. [email protected]
7. Share this with your friends and family.

You can also donate to support this and other project at: Donate at Paypal: PayPal.Me/howtotoon

Thanks and be sure to Stay Tooned!


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