Alley Cats Revisited

I’ve been revisiting and rebooting some of my mazes that are a few years older. The themes are the same but I create all new paths in my current style. The above is my current alley cats maze. It was drawn and colored on my Wacom Tablet.

Below is the same concept from 2016. The theme and composition are similar but you should notice a few changes beyond just the path change. My style has evolved a little bit and coloring has certainly improved. I also change the layout of the Sunday mazes. Early on I was worried that I didn’t have what is called a drop panel so I created title “cards” for each of the mazes. I have since moved the logo up and expanded the maze pathways to extend end to end. I’ve mentioned before that I now add a little shading to my art which actually makes a big difference. My characters are evolving too I think these new ones are a bit more expressive.

Hope you like the reboot!


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