Lighthouse revisited

Today is National Lighthouse Day so I decided to revisit or reboot a maze from 2016. A lot has changed in the way I draw MazeToons since then. While the concept is still the same, lets take a look at how much has changed.

  1. Tools! I now draw on a Wacom tablet digitally. This allowed for a lot of the changes in my style and technique.
  2. Detail. As I got more comfortable drawing with a smaller line and different type of tool I was able to add more detail.
  3. Color. Early in MazeToons I really worried about the way color would print and that it would make a maze unsolvable by reproducing too dark. So I tended to wash out and go lighter on a lot of colors.
  4. Shading. This is one of the biggest changes. For the first two years I did not add shading to any of the drawings, again I was worried it wouldn’t reproduce. Now I add shadows to all my work and it makes a big difference.
  5. Linework. My work is a lot more fluid now. My lines in early work was more rigid as I was very worried about the maze paths being solvable.
  6. Difficulty. As I was able to put in more details, the paths also became a little more complex. It’s very hard to create a challenging maze in such a small space that still maintains a compelling image. I’ve gotten much better at that.
  7. I also dropped the number above my signature. This was originally the time it would take to solve. I was always worried people think the mazes are too easy and that the time would challenge them. I’ve now come to accept that people enjoy a quick challenge and don’t need the time on the maze.
  8. Skill. I’ve just plain, gotten better. In three more years, hopefully I’ll be even better than now. When you do something a lot you just get better at it.

Thank you all for continuing to solve MazeToons everyday! I wouldn’t be here without each and every one of you.


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