Anthrocon Maze

Today’s maze celebrates Anthrocon. It is an annual convention in Pittsburgh PA, in which “Furries” from around the world convene to show off their art, attend workshops and panels, hold dance competitions, and more. There also seems to be a lot of hugging. The city of Pittsburgh has really embraced the furries, and the fursuit parade is one of the cities must attend events! I can imagine right now my fans in the midwest thinking… “What the?” But there are also furry conventions nationwide and worldwide. Pittsburgh happens to be one of the largest and most popular. If you love cartoons it’s like attending a convention where the cartoon characters have come to life!

The artwork produced by these talented fursuiters and their fans is remarkable. My style doesn’t do justice to the skill and talent that go into many of the costumes.

So now you know about Anthrocon, and next time you see a furry, run up and ask “Do you go to Pittsburgh? and…can I have a hug?”


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