Wizard World Philly, schedule

  • Thursday, Jun. 13, 20196:30 PM – 7:15 PM location: (Room 120)
  • Cinema’s Best Of The Worst”Oh hai Wizard World.” Join pop culture historian, Joe Wos, for a discussion on what makes for a truly “great” bad movies. Joe will share a few of his picks for movies you will love to hate and welcomes audience discussion for picks on the best of the worst! From the “Citizen Kane” of bad cinema- Plan 9 from Outer Space to more obscure awful fare, we will watch previews and clips that will leave you writhing in the aisles.
  • Friday, Jun. 14, 20193:00 PM – 3:45 PM location: (Room 120)
  • Disney Twisted Princess CoronationThe Disney Universe’s continued expansion has brought Marvel, LucasFilms and even the Muppets into the house of mouse. With Fox now entering the fold there are new opportunities to bestow one of Disney’s highest honors upon classic characters by coronating them as Disney Princesses! Pop culture historian Joe Wos takes a tongue in cheek look at characters now eligible for this prestigious honor. From the Xenomorph Alien Queen to Princess Leia we will explore the traditional role of the Disney Princess and how it could be transformed by the annexation of new realms into the Disney Kingdom.
  • Saturday, Jun. 15, 201912:30 PM – 1:15 PM location: (Room 121AB)
  • Evil Animated”Mirror, mirror on the wall who’s the baddest of them all?” Find out as cartoon historian Joe Wos list the top ten meanest of the mean animated movie villains to ever terrorize the silver screen. From devilish Disney denizens to more surprising forgotten fiends, we will discuss the finer points of what makes a truly great cartoon villain.
  • Sunday, Jun. 16, 20191:00 PM – 1:45 PM location: (Room 120)
  • Animation Celebration: Top Ten Animated Tv CharactersCartoon historian and former executive director/founder of the ToonSeum, Joe Wos gives a sneak peek at the top ten animated television characters from his upcoming book “Animation Celebration: The 100 greatest characters in television animation.” Did you favorite make the top ten? Attend this presentation to find out! The list is sure to trigger a lively debate!


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