LGBT characters in MazeToons, celebrating Pride Month

In celebration of Pride Month I thought I would share some of the LGBT characters that have appeared in MazeToons. Most of the time my mazes run and of course there is no text or storyline so fans might not be aware of who they are. Some are well known celebrities and advocates such as George Takei (one of the nicest people I have ever met!) and Keith Haring (Sadly, I never met him, but he spent time in Pittsburgh and his art has been an influence on me.) Also among the celebrities is the great Matt Baker, the first African American comic book artist, who was from Pittsburgh as well!

Others are just everyday people I’ve met or known- There is the hippie girl from Pittsburgh, the transgender unicyclist from Burning Man (a very eccentric character), the colorful drag queen from New York City.

Also included are the prince and frog. Yep both male, (I don’t think anyone noticed) and then there is the dancing chicken, which I hadn’t even known was a gay character until someone wrote me an angry post of “pushing a liberal transgender agenda because I had drawn a chicken and not a hen in a tutu!” I hadn’t really thought about it, but now that chicken is out and proud! lol

My mazes may not have a plot, and the characters are just brief random figures that appear as part of a maze, but the truth is every one of my mazes has a story to tell.

These mazes all are a brief glimpse at characters with bravery and pride.

Happy Pride Month to all my LGBT fans and friends!


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