Celebrate Australia Day

I love Australia! I have never been there but hope to go someday soon. The people are wonderful and I actually have a fair amount of fans from Australia! MazeToons runs every Sunday in the Sydney Telegraph!

As an American I admit we tend to lean a bit much on stereotypes of other countries, on the other hand of all the stereotypes for a country to have, Australia, got the best ones! A bunch of tough beer drinking knife wielding people, fighting off deadly animals at every turn while wearing a cool hat with crocodile teeth on it. I know that’s not what it’s actually like… well except for the fighting off deadly animals daily, right?

Stereotypes aside, I really do love Australia. The people I have known from “down under” are really awesome including comedian/cartoonist Jason Chatfield who draws the popular Aussie strip Ginger Meggs, which is an institution in Australia!

I also get almost daily comics on gocomics.com from fans in Australia and even fan mail. So I hope to visit you all some day soon!


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