A-Maze-Ing People I’ve Met

I have been very lucky to meet and get to spend real time with many of my heroes. I’ve met more cartoonists than you can shake a stick at (why do people keeping shaking sticks at cartoonists?) But I thought it would be fun to share some of the non-cartoonists celebs I have met over the years.

Today’s MazeToons features Caroll Spinney in celebration of Sesame Street Day. Caroll recently announced his retirement from Sesame Street. I got to know Caroll not because of his amazing work as a puppeteer but because he is a talented cartoonist!  I had the great pleasure of curating the first solo exhibition of his work when I was director of the ToonSeum. I got to spend a few days at his home, touring his studio, and just listening to stories. Memories I will always cherish!

Several years ago, also while at the ToonSeum, we were holding a fundraiser and I found out that George and Brad Takei would be in Pittsburgh that week. On a whim I invited them, expecting they wouldn’t answer and certainly wouldn’t attend. But they did reply and did attend! They stuck around for hours, shaking hands, posing for photos, and were the most gracious and kind people I had ever met.

This is a fun one! In the photo are my dear friend Steph, her partner Doug Bradley (Pinhead from the Hellraiser films) and Anthony Daniels aka C3P0!

Speedy Delivery! This is my good friend David Newell, better known as Mr. McFeely. We have known each other for many many years, having performed on the same stage at events here in Pittsburgh. I also got to meet Mister Rogers several times and it’s a story I have shared in the past. 

I’ve gotten to meet so many great people over the years. Just recently I got to meet Zach Quinto! I became great friends with the late Lou Scheimer, founder of Filmation Studios. I hung out with Jerry Robinson, creator of the Joker, when director Chris Nolan asked if he could come in and say hello to Jerry! I met Weird Al at the National Cartoonists convention and we took one of my favorite photos!

They haven’t all ended up as mazes yet… but I am sure they will someday!

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  1. roaming26-37

    And they got to meet the a-maze-ing talented Joe Wos! 🙂
    I didn’t know that Mr Spinney was a cartoonist. And I love listening to George Takei’s gorgeous deep voice.

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