Medusa and Mythological Mazes

Today’s MazeToons features Medusa. As I was preparing for this blog post I went through the archives assuming I had surely drawn a lot of mythological figures. As it turns out I haven’t! While I did many for my book- Myths and Monsters: 50 Mazes for Kids, I have done very few in MazeToons itself.


It turns out I have only drawn two popular mythological figures in MazeToons thus far! Medusa and Icarus. Icarus is a favorite because his story is directly connected to the tale of the labyrinth.

I try not to repeat myself too much, so I must have been saving up all my mythology mazes for the book and not using them in the dailies and Sundays. But there are still a lot of great tales I haven’t tackled in the book.

So… that means I have a whole wealth of new old material to pull from for future mazes!




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