Oh Canada! Respect Canada Day.


Today, July 15th,  is Respect Canada Day! It is a reminder to Americans to celebrate the friendship we enjoy with our neighbors to the north.

I have always been a fan of Canada and the Canadian people. One of my favorite comic book stores, Happy Harbor is in Edmonton. It is one of the best comic shops in the world! I have had the great pleasure of visiting Edmonton several times for Eek Fest! and Pure Speculation! two great conventions.

My first introduction to mazes, quirky world records, and the Ripley’s Museums was at Clifton Hill in Niagara Falls when I was a little kid. It was the only family trip we ever took out of the country!

Some of my favorite cartoonists are from Canada, from Playboy’s Doug Sneyd to For Better or Worse’ Lynn Johnston.  Not to mention all the wonderful actors Canada has generously shared with us from William Shatner to Ryan Reynolds. I am also happy to say that my hometown of Pittsburgh, PA was kind of enough to share the great Joe Flaherty with SCTV and Canada.  I think it’s a fair trade, but we would love to have him come back and visit us sometime.

I have frequently crossed over into Canada just to get my fix of Kinder Eggs (which are banned here in the US). You can read about my adventure smuggling them across the border here. https://mazetoons.com/2017/05/27/mazetoons-creators-joe-wos-running-kinder-eggs-across-the-border/

I’ve also been to Windsor Canada for an Ice Wine Festival and of course devoured your delicious maple syrup. The country’s products are as sweet as the people who live there.

I love Canada! So on this day lets remember our good neighbors and friends up north!

Because that is what today is all aboot!


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