Where can I find MazeToons?

If you are reading this you have already found one place to view MazeToons, but you are only getting a small selection of what’s available. On MazeToons.com I only post my Sunday syndicated mazes and a few dailies when they fit a specific theme, holiday or post.

So where can you see MazeToons everyday?

MazeToons appears in newspapers worldwide. But it probably doesn’t appear in your local newspaper, so write to the features editor and ask them to carry MazeToons from Creators Syndicate.

If you aren’t a newspaper subscriber you can still find the daily MazeToons by visiting gocomics.comĀ . A new maze is posted each and every day. Be sure to sign up for a free account and follow MazeToons. You can also leave comments and suggestions.

Another great way to get your hands on MazeToons is at your local bookstore! I have several books of mazes from Barron’s Educational Books. They are available at bookstores worldwide and on Amazon.com. Current titles include: A-maze-ing Animals, Myths and Monsters and coming soon- Maze-O-Zoic and A-Maze-Ing America!

Lastly you can sign up for the MazeToons newsletter. I send out one maze every month along with news and info about tours, and more.

Thanks for your support!


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