Mazeiversary! 3 years of MazeToons.

It’s hard to believe but it has been 3 years since MazeToons first launched on May 4th 2015. It launched appropriately enough with this maze: A rocket!


In that short three years there have been a lot of changes to MazeToons. The style has improved quite a bit, as has the coloring and design. I’ve drawn over 1000 mazes for the newspaper feature. I’ve also now drawn three maze books with over 150 mazes total and am wrapping up book number 4 right now.

A thousand mazes, and in that time, I’ve tried not to repeat myself too often. That means a different theme just about every day! No recurring characters to rely on, no running gags, everyday something new and different.

I’ve celebrated hundreds of quirky holidays in the mazes. Drawn hundreds of animals as well as dozens of abstract designs too.

Let’s make this a banner year for MazeToons, if it doesn’t run in your newspaper please email, tweet, or call them to ask them to carry it!

Thanks for being a fan!




  1. Roaming26-37

    Congratulations! Happy anniversary! I’ll check what’s in our local papers and see what I can do.

    A MazeToon a day keeps the doctor away 🙂

  2. By the way I just found out that I do run in Sydney Australia in the Sunday Telegraph, Funday telegraph section! They run my dailies not the Sundays but thats a start!

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