Graffiti as inspiration.

maz032418_colorI enjoy creating abstract mazes and will  feature them in MazeToons about once a week. I have several inspirations in my abstract style that I have mentioned before including M.C. Escher, Jack Kirby and Dr. Seuss! But today’s abstract is a little bit different. While it has the illusion like quality of Escher, I drew inspiration for it during a trip to New York City. I am a big fan of graffiti art, and it was the lines of the graffiti lettering that inspired this piece.

Those who follow my work know I don’t like perfectly straight lines as I find them too predictable and create an easily solvable pattern. I loved the graffiti art that sent the lines of the text off in extreme directions with the line thickness altered in seemingly random places.

So you never know where inspiration will strike! I will likely do a graffiti style maze in one of my Sundays soon and  I’d love to do one of my mazes as a graffiti mural someday.



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