My friend Sabina.

One of the most important things I do is encourage young people to draw. I have been a cartooning instructor for over 30 years! (I started teaching when I was just 16). Over the years I have had thousands of students. I currently teach at Central Catholic High School and teach annual workshops at the Charles M. Schulz Museum in Santa Rosa California.

I’ve been visiting the Schulz Museum since it opened 15 years ago. I visit twice a year, once in summer and again over Thanksgiving weekend. The visits are a tradition with me, the staff and the guests too. Some of the kids have taken my class now many times, some have grown up and have kids of their own now! (I’m so old.)

While each and every young artist is special in their own way every now and then a story really touches my heart.


This drawing is from Sabina. Sabina visited me at the museum a few years ago and attended one of my performances and workshops. After the show I hand out drawings into the audience,  as I always do, and she received a unicorn drawing.

I have to admit the drawings aren’t very special to me. I do thousands of them and assume they most likely just end up in the trash eventually! I had no idea how magical that unicorn drawing I did really was.

That drawing was hung up in her room. Where it stayed for quite a long while. Until sadly Sabina lost her home in the fires that destroyed so much of Santa Rosa.

As the family moved to a new location her mom asked the children if they could replace anything that was lost in the fire what would it be… Sabina answered “my Joe Wos unicorn sketch.”

After all this wonderful little girl has been through and the loss of all her toys and treasures she asked for a drawing from me. It is a humbling experience that reminded me just how magic drawing really is.

Sabina’s mom messaged me and told me the story and asked if I would send a new sketch. After I stopped crying I was able to put together a new sketch, copies of my books and few other surprises and send it off to California.

That drawing now is hanging up in her room… Sabina drew this unicorn for me and I have to admit, I think it is a whole lot better than mine!

The next time someone ask me my unicorns name.. I’m going to tell them it’s Sabina.

Thank you Sabina. See you at Summer Camp.


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