Inventor’s Day, MazeToons Sunday February 11th, 2018


Today’s maze celebrates Inventor’s day by showcasing two inventors who were often at odds with one another- Thomas Edison and Nikola Tesla.

I decided to make the maze in mostly black and white for several reasons. I wanted to do a Sunday maze using a “negative space” path. Once I decided it would be Tesla and Edison I also felt that the black and white added a nice nostalgic feel to the maze itself as all their photos are in black and white.

I originally was just going to showcase Edison in the maze but as I began researching I realized I wasn’t a big fan! Tesla was a much more interesting character to me. However it being inventor’s day I settled on showcasing the two of them together.

Fun fact: The pigeon is the maze is a nod to Tesla’s affection for a very specific pigeon that he truly loved. It’s a cute perhaps bizarre story, I encourage you to look it up!



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