Happy Serpent Day! Snakes! It had to be snakes!

Snakes are a natural fit for mazes. Their twisted and curved form lend themselves well to a mazes path. I’ve always had a special affinity for snakes. When I was a kid we used to catch Garter Snakes in my backyard. We wouldn’t keep them long, maybe a few minutes before we showed them to friends and then released them back where we found them. (My dad had us convinced if we didn’t release them back where we found them their families might miss them!) Surprisingly I have not featured a whole lot of snakes in my mazes. But I have been known to update past drawings to fit my current style. The first two mazes are an example of that. I am almost embarrassed at how far along my style has come in the past two years. The one of the left is the most recent and is today’s maze for Serpent Day. The one on the right is from early on in 2016. You can see it was done in felt tip marker and scanned. I was still working out details. The coloring is also off and there are no shadows. I was also trying way to hard on incorporating the S and F into the drawing!


This is a Sunday that ran on Snake day. You can see the style progressing and a bit more depth.



Here is a bonus one! This never actually ran. This was my pitch maze to the syndicate. Looking back at it there was a good concept but the drawings needed a lot of work. As I tell my students, I’m still learning! junglesunday2.jpeg


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