Cubes, tubes, spirals and no straight lines. The logic of the illogical. More abstract design Mazes.

Unlike many mazes, mine do not feature straight lines. I have an absolute revulsion toward rulers. Even my cubes and squares lack straight lines. They bend and twist in all directions without rhyme or reason. ThereĀ  are several reasons for this: First, straight lines look unnatural to me. They lack that hand drawn quality that I prefer my mazes to have. Second, straight lines are rigid and tend to make the solution path more obvious. Third, straight lines are too mathematical and logical for me and less artistic. That’s not to say straight lines can’t be artistic, they certainly can, but they just don’t fit my style of maze drawing. I like my art to just flow. I’ve talked before about my dislike of symmetry as well. Straight lines tend to be a part of that too. I don’t want there to be a logic to my mazes. I want them to defy the obvious rules and bend them to my own illogical will. It’s all designed to throw the viewer/solver off. Shadows that are just slightly off, lines that bend in odd directions, spirals that become paths, zig zags, then cubes for no reason. There is no rule of design I follow in my designs. There are times when I look at a maze and I think “That doesn’t look right at all” and then I think… “well done!”

If I were to think of my major influences in this style they would be M.C. Escher and his manipulation of depth and Dr. Seuss and his twisted architecture.




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