MazeToons at the Pittsburgh Airport

If you ever pass through the Pittsburgh International Airport and find yourself meandering through the security line, take a moment to look up at the monitors. Like many cities, Pittsburgh runs a brag reel showcasing some of the a-maze-ing things in Pittsburgh including venues, attractions, and things that are made here. There is a lot of tech stuff, and the usual highlights… but also included is a little known feature that appears in the funny pages:


That’s MazeToons! It’s only one screen for a few seconds and they showcase the logo and then two sample mazes:

It’s quite an honor to be chosen as one of the few artists in the promo piece to represent theĀ  city. Ironically MazeToons doesn’t appear in any of our local newspapers! But, you can catch it online at If you are from Pittsburgh please email your favorite newspaper and ask them to carry MazeToons from Creators Syndicate.


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