The most powerful cow in the universe.


If you saw today’s maze and thought, “there must be some story behind this one??” You are correct. Today’s maze was inspired by a real moment.

Many years ago while visiting California I was driving along the coast near Bodega Bay. It’s a beautiful area. I glanced to the side and noticed a very narrow outcropping of rock on a cliff and standing at the edge of that rock looking like a scene out of the Lion King was a cow. For some reason I thought to myself, that cow must think he is the most powerful cow in the universe. Surely the is surveying his kingdom which stretches as far as the eye could see. I thought perhaps he longs to be at sea and wishes he were a whale.

I wondered if that cow was put in charge of the waves. Or if he held some deep secret of the life.

I thought for a long time about that cow, imagining a lot of different scenarios. It was a weird contemplative moment. Then I thought further and realized… “how the heck is that cow going to get back down that rock?” It was far too narrow for him to turn around and walk backwards, and he would have to descend the step like rocks in reverse. Despite his precarious situation he seemed serene and at peace with the universe that he no doubt controlled.

I wondered if that cow would still be there a year later staring at the sea nibbling on the grass, lording over his domain.

I’ve heard tales of people having wisdom revealed to them by their spirit animals. I wish there was some great wisdom he imparted to me. If I learned anything from that cow it’s this- Sometimes you get yourself into impossible situations, in those moments of hopelessness where there is nothing left to do, just embrace it, smile and say “eh, what are ya gonna do? I’m a cow trapped on the precipice of the world.” Hope it works out and if it doesn’t, I guess, just enjoy the view. Eventually it always seems to work out. There is some sort of plan you just don’t always know what it is…. but I bet that cow does.

The silly image of that all powerful call stayed with me for a decade and I finally drew it in maze form. So now you too can wonder in awe a the World’s Most Powerful Cow!


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