Happy Birthday Andy Warhol, American Artists Month, MazeToons Sunday Aug 6th 2017

MazeToons celebrates two milestones today, the anniversary of the birth of Andy Warhol and American Artists Month!


Andy Warhol was a fellow Pittsburgher and so I pretty much grew up being aware of his work and who he was. We have a wonderful museum dedicated to him and his work and it’s pretty common to know or run into people who knew him well in his youth.

I found out later in life that his real ambition in youth was to be a cartoonist. It shows in his early work which is much more “cartoony” in style. I personally prefer his illustration work. It’s very playful and whimsical. He would have made a great children’s book illustrator! Luckily I suppose for the art world he took a different path.

But I still like to remember Andy Warhol as a cartoonist and remain a fan of that early work.


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