Speedy Delivery! Mister McFeeley in MazeToons.

Today’s MazeToons celebrates National Postal Workers day and is a tribute to my favorite delivery person, Mister McFeeley of Mister Rogers Neighborhood!


Mister McFeeley is portrayed by actor David Newell. I have known David for many many years. We met while I was a performer at the Children’s Museum of Pittsburgh. ┬áHe is one of the nicest people I know and carries on the spirit of Mister Rogers Neighborhood as it’s most famous and beloved ambassador. ┬áSpeedy Delivery!




  1. David Newell

    Hi Joe, Thank you for the Maze Toon McFeely Tribute…..what a suprize to find McFeely in a maze! Thanks for you kind words…..I think we have know each other for over twenty years or thereabouts……starting with a lunch a Duranti’s Resturant in Oakland…..no longer there but the friendship still is!!!! Speedy Delivery!

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