Happy Opposite Day from finish to start

Today is opposite day and I’m going to reveal a maze solving secret that is contrary to what you may think….

Most mazes are easier to solve if you start from the finish and work your way back. This is called cheating! lol The reason behind the success of this method is that most mazes are drawn start to finish with multiple paths originating and deviating from the start but only  one possible path out of the finish.

If you have ever tried one of my mazes you will notice that there is often more than one path out of the finish as well! If you start from the start and work you way to the finish you actually may not even notice this as it has little to no effect on solving the maze from the proper direction. However if you do solve the maze from the finish it may be equally as difficult.

When I draw mazes I start with the basic idea and characters I then build the maze around them starting at the start. However when I get about half way done with the maze I will then switch and start drawing from the finish. I then fill in the middle connecting everything up so the maze is solvable.

As a challenge for opposite day here is one of my more complicated mazes flipped. Feel free to start from the start or finish. The start is the more difficult path but either should be a challenge.



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