Monkeying Around with MazeToons

Monkeying Around with MazeToons

There are a few animals I enjoy drawing most and you will see frequently come up in my work. Among the most popular are ducks, chickens, dogs, dragons and monkeys. In fact if you have ever happened to run into me at a convention or bar late at night and asked for a drawing, chances are you received a drawing of a monkey. There are probably dozens of my monkey drawings on napkins hanging in bars all across the world. Each monkey appearing in various stages of sobriety.

Today, January 14th is Monkey Day. So we are taking a look at some of my monkey mazes.


The following maze is actually the first prototype for MazeToons!


The Monkey King maze has become one of my most popular and was recently featured in an exhibition in China.


You’ll get to see more monkey mazes in my upcoming book A-Maze-Ing Animals coming this may! Available for preorder now!



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