Happy Dinosaur Day! June 1st

Happy Dinosaur Day! June 1st

Happy Dinosaur Day! Dinosaurs have been featured in MazeToons since the time of the MAZEozoic Era! Well not quite that long. But I have been drawing dinosaur mazes since I was a kid. Here are a few examples of my many dino mazes!

dinomaze2.jpegThis one is from 2014 and inspired the next one:

Dinosaur MazeToons
Dinosaur MazeToons

This was one of the first Sunday mazes I created for the MazeToons newspaper feature from Creators Syndicate.


This maze was included in my promotional packet when I first pitched MazeToons to the syndicates. You’ll notice the format was different than what I now use for dailies.

Working our way back further in time……


MAZEozoic! Was my first mural sized maze. It was created for an exhibit at the Pittsburgh Children’s Museum in 1994!  I was a young lad of just 24 years old back then!

As we dig down to the next layer of fossils…dino

I am guessing this one is 1996 as that was a productive year of mazes for me.


Ugh I hesitate to even show this one! It too was created in 1994 as a handout to young children at the Pittsburgh Children’s Museum!

There you go! A complete history of Dinosaurs and MazeToons! Enjoy!


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