The Reuben Awards

The Reuben Awards

Every year cartoonists get together at the annual National Cartoonists Society Reuben Awards weekend. It’s a festive weekend filled with workshops, awards and lots of partying!

Sadly I am going to miss the party this year. But I did get the opportunity to design the “Reuben Journal” ad from the Great Lakes Chapter. All the artist did amazing work to congratulate the nominees. In the center of the ad I did a small maze. It was in black and white but I have colored it in for this post.


So here are a few things about the design. The “statue” is based on the Reuben Statue, which has been awarded to many legendary cartoonist. The award itself was designed by the great Rube Goldberg.


As you can see it’s a bunch of naked characters with an inkpot on someone’s butt.

So that’s why the design of the maze. So in the immortal words of Chico Marx- “Why a duck?”

The awards this year are taking place at the Peabody Hotel in Memphis which features their world famous ducks. It’s a neat story you can read here-

I am sorry to miss the awards this year, but I will be there in spirit.

Best of luck to all the nominees.



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