MazeToons Exhibition In San Francisco!

MazeToons Exhibition In San Francisco!

The Children’s Creativity Museum
and San Francisco’s Cartoon Art Museum present MazeToons, the interactive puzzle comic by famed cartoonist Joe Wos!  MazeToons is part of the Children’s Creativity Museum’s yearlong celebration of games.  This “game-changing” exhibition is designed to harness the power of play and inspire collaborative learning across generations.

MazeToons opens to the public on Wednesday, May 4 and runs through August 28, 2016.  A visit from artist Joe Wos is planned for July 2016, details to be announced.

MazeToons, a unique addition to the funny pages that is part cartoon and part puzzle, is distributed by Creators Syndicate and appears in newspapers across the country.  Joe’s cartoons incorporate characters, holidays and other pop culture references into each maze.

In 2012, Joe achieved the Guinness World Record for the largest hand-drawn maze, which was topped in 2015 by another aspiring maze creator. Among his other career accomplishments, Joe has published a children’s book, The Three Little Pigsburghers: As Told in Pittsburghese, as well as DVDs for How-to-Toon.

Sponsorship for this exhibition has been provided in part by The Hilda and Freddie Fu Fund, Schell Games and Jean Schulz.

About Joe Wos

Joe Wos has been professionally connected to cartoons since the age of 14. For over 30 years, his career path has taken as many twists and turns as one of his popular cartoon illustrated mazes. Joe toured nationwide with his program Once Upon a Toon for 20 years, combining storytelling and live cartoon illustration. In 2002, Joe became the first visiting resident cartoonist at The Charles M. Schulz Museum in Santa Rosa, CA. He has returned to perform and lead workshops every year since.

Joe remains a sought-after expert in animation, speaking at conventions worldwide. He continues to find unique ways to pursue his passion for cartoons. He illustrates live performances with the Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra, and exhibits his art in museums. In addition to his cartooning, Joe is a freelance writer and pop culture contributor to WESA, an NPR affiliate. His writing often explores the role of pop culture in American history.

About the Children’s Creativity Museum

The Children’s Creativity Museum is a hands-on multimedia art and technology experience designed to nurture creativity and collaboration in all children and families.  The museum’s exhibits and programs are developed with the belief that creative expression, innovation, and critical thinking are core to fostering the next generation.


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