Happy Hug an Australian Day! April 26th.

Happy Hug an Australian Day! April 26th.
Jason Chatfield (Ginger Meggs)


For hug an Australian day I am featuring an iconic Australian comic character! Ginger Meggs has been around for since 1921 and is currently seen in 120 newspapers in 34 countries! Ginger Meggs is drawn by the amazing Jason Chatfield!

Learn more at http://gingermeggs.com/


  1. Roaming26-37

    Oh! I missed this, sorry Joe. (((return hugs))) and thank you for remembering your Australian fans.

    • I’ve never been to Australia but have always been a fan of the country and it’s people. (and it’s animals too!) I hope to visit someday soon. It’s such a long flight though I would have to make it an extended stay/tour!

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