Groundhog’s Day Maze

Groundhog’s Day Maze


Happy Groundhog’s Day! Punxsutawney, where the famous Phil resides is not too far from my home in Pittsburgh. I have had the pleasure of performing there for several Groundhog’s Days. It is quite a spectacle!

This is my second Groundhog maze. The first one was a horizontal format which I wasn’t real fond of. You can see it in the Holidays post from last year. I mad some design changes to this one as well. But kept the concept the same.

I uses these “just for fun” mazes as a way to try out new things. I am experimenting a lot more with shadow to create depth. I intentionally do not work symmetrical and try to throw things off. This way your eye expects on thing but the maze does another. It helps make the mazes a little tougher.

The “gear” element is something new I wanted to try out. It needs work but the shadow and depth work pretty well.  I also added shadows under the “noodles.” I like the effect. The noodles really look out of place in the maze, which is something I really like to do. They give a great effect of the maze unraveling.

Enjoy! As always post your solve time!


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