MazeToons Dailies Return! January 4th, 2016

MazeToons Dailies Return! January 4th, 2016


MazeToons is now appearing in daily newspapers. (Don’t ask me which ones, just ask your local paper to carry it!)  Here is the first one to run today January 4th 2016. This one actually has a story behind it. I once asked an editorial cartoonists friend who did some pretty controversial material if there was anything his editor would not allow. He said he once had a cartoon that used a dog and fire hydrant as a metaphor rejected.

MazeToons is a pretty inoffensive and harmless fun cartoon. Hopefully I won’t ever have  a controversy over my work. But I had to kick off with a smirking nod to getting in a dog and fire hydrant! That will be the extent of my controversy for the next 40 years.


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