New Peanuts Maze Book by Joe Wos and Charles M. Schulz

My Peanuts book is now available for preorder! As a life long Peanuts fan this was a dream project to work on! For a limited time Mystery Lovers Bookshop is doing copies signed by me! The book will release in October, but the first 1000 preorders via them will be signed! You can order at which will take you directly to the Joe Wos books page on their site!

“Are mazes a meditation? Or a mind-bending challenge? If you are like Snoopy, you may just start at the finish and then relax on your doghouse for the rest of the day. In A-Maze-ing Peanuts you will be delighted to meet Charlie Brown, Snoopy, and the whole Peanuts gang as you work your way through each maze.”

—Jean Schulz, President of the Charles M Schulz Museum


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