From the MazeToon archives: Mazeberry

This one is from 1994. I did a lot of mazes that year! I was and still am a big fan of Don Knotts. In fact, I think I have a copy of this maze signed by him (I’ll try to dig it out of the archives.) You can see that some elements of my mazes had already fallen into place as far as the lines and spirals. But I still did not have much of a handle on Photoshop for the color. I basically knew how to use the fill tool and that’s it. Because of that if there is color then it is entirely blocked off! The caricatures aren’t too bad.. especially Floyd the barber, Barney and Gomer.. But Goober and Opie are pretty bad! I don’t remember how to solve it so have a go at it and let me know if it works out!


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