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Now booking assembly programs, festivals, and more for 2020-21!
I have presented at schools, festivals and events nationwide including programs at the National Portrait Gallery, New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival, National Book Festival and many more. I am the resident cartoonist of the Charles M. Schulz Museum in Santa Rosa, California, a position I have held for the past 18 years. I am also a nationally syndicated cartoonist, my feature MazeToons is distributed to newspapers worldwide through Creators Syndicate.
I created the record setting world’s largest hand-drawn maze.
I also have several books published through Barron’s Educational Books.
Once Upon a Toon
Assembly Program
(also available as classroom program)
runtime approx 40 minutes
K-Middle School
$500 for first assembly, $300 for second, full day rate also available
A lively and engaging program featuring storytelling and live cartoon illustration. I draw the stories as I tell them! Working on stage with a large easel and marker in hand with a quick wit and even quicker pen you’ll find out why they call me the fastest draw in the east!
A single show features a short guessing game where kids guess what I am drawing, two stories and a short closing followed by a Q and A.  On average a single presentation yields up to 17 illustrations!
With dozens of different stories to chose from, I have stories to fit many themes. I also have a few favorites that work well with all age audiences. There is something for everyone in the program. My goal is to keep the whole family entertained not just the kids. It’s like watching a picture book be created right before your very eyes.
I tell both original stories and folktales with a twist. Themes include: Bullying prevention, creativity and the arts, being yourself, world folktales and many more.
All my presentations are designed to be empowering and encouraging to students of all ages. I often share the story of my overcoming dyslexia to become an author and cartoonist.
How To Toon
Classroom program
Runtime 45 minutes to one hour depending on class time.
Ages 7-100
Recommended to book with assembly programs as add on.
$250 for first workshop $200 each additional workshop
How to Toon is my popular hands-on cartooning workshop. I have been teaching this program for over 25 years! I am the visiting resident cartoonist of the Charles M. Schulz Museum in Santa Rosa, CA and have been a professional cartoonist for three decades.
The workshops breaks down the art of cartooning in to easy to follow instructions. It is a fast paced class that covers the art of visual storytelling. From basic line work to developing characters. The class leaves students amazed at their own abilities!
Perfect for all skill levels.
Special Offer!!!!!
Full day rate for assembly and workshops.
Flat rate of $1100 includes any combination of workshops and assemblies, up to 6 performances in a single day! Best of all you can split between multiple schools. Must be a single day and must allow for travel time between schools if booking multiple locations.
Maze Mural one day residency
add on assembly or workshop at discounted rate
I am perhaps best known for my work as a maze artist. I have several books of my maze published through Barron’s Books and also created the record setting world’s largest hand-drawn maze! My mazes are fully illustrated making the drawings a part of the solvable maze.
Maze Murals are 3 feet by 6 feet on paper, however they can also be drawn directly onto the wall, and are drawn live in marker. So kids can watch the mazes being created throughout the day (usually it takes several hours to complete drawing a maze). I will answer questions and take suggestions as I am drawing throughout the day as well.
The maze is then part of your school! You can keep it on display. I recommend displaying it behind a piece of plexiglass so kids can solve it with wipe off markers.
Popular themes for mazes include: storybook characters, your community, history, dinosaurs, and much more.
This can be combined with workshops so students can learn more about my creative process.
Book signings
After assembly programs or workshops a book signing is available upon request.
Students may preorder either of my most popular books for just $7
I will then draw in each of the books for the students!
Titles include:
A-Maze-Ing Animals; 50 Mazes for Kids
Myths and Monsters: 50 Mazes for Kids
both are published through Barron’s Educational Books
For more information about me and my work visit videos are available on youtube.
I am based in Pittsburgh, PA but tour worldwide.
Email or call 412-760-1896 for more information or too book programs.
Thank you,